CSAS Graduate Assistant Chronicles: 10

Hello Class of 2025!

There are some major things coming up and as you know registration is coming upon us.

                First important note: MEET WITH YOUR FACULTY ADVISOR (Advising Holds will prevent you from being able to register)

                If you have a designated major then you should be meeting with your faculty advisor. You can find your advisor in Roger Central. Go to Student Planning -> Click Plan & Schedule -> Advising tab. Here your advisor should be listed and if you click on the mail button next to their name you can send them an email right away!

                Second important note: ATTEND FYLC THIS WEEK

                FYLC will review important registration preparation & information. You will review how to plan your courses in Roger Central. In addition, links for reference can be found here: https://www.rwu.edu/academics/registrar/registration

                Third important note: CHECK REGISTRATION DATE AND TIME

                If it super important that you know what day and time you need to be scheduling because classes go fast. Also keep a watch on some of the classes you may have picked because when you do go to schedule it may not be available anymore and you may need to plan a backup class too. You can find your registration date and time on Roger Central -> Click Student planning -> Plan & Schedule -> then click the next arrow next to Fall 2021 to make it change to Spring 2022 and it will display your Date and Time in a blue box.

Final Note: The last day to withdraw from a class with a (W) on your transcript is Tuesday, November 9th. Please remember to discuss your midterm grades with your faculty advisor or reach out to CSAS@rwu.edu with your questions. Withdrawals do not affect your GPA, however, you must keep in mind Satisfactory Academic Progress which is reviewed on an annual basis:

Scale for Satisfactory Academic Standing (Satisfactory Academic Standing should be discussed with your Faculty Advisor or a Professional Advisor within the CSAS Advising & Peer Mentorship office)

      Full-Time                                                               MinimumSemesters Completed*     Minimum GPA        Credit Hours CompletedEnd of 1st Semester                            1.70*                                              12End of 2nd Semester                           1.80                                               24End of 3rd Semester                            1.90                                               36End of 4th Semester                            2.00                                               48End of 5th Semester                            2.00                                               60End of 6th Semester                            2.00                                               72End of 7th Semester                            2.00                                               84End of 8th Semester                            2.00                                               96End of 9th Semester                            2.00                                             108End of 10th Semester                          2.00                                             120

Best of luck!

Hannah Baldwin

Graduate Student

Graduate Assistant of CSAS

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Career Advisor