CSAS Graduate Assistant Chronicles: 3

“Hello Class of 2025! I hope that this month has been going well for everyone and that classes are getting a little smoother! To add to that, that you are starting to develop friendships, relationships and more. I wanted to send out this chronicle to go over some of the major differences from high school to college that you might be experiencing right now at this current moment.”

1.       CLASS SCHEDULE! In high school most of the classes that you take are at a specific time and is a very set standard of what they are. However, here at college you are able to pick when your classes are and make the schedule one that fits for you. To add, most of these classes are ones that you will enjoy and want to learn more about!

2.       HOW HUGE IT IS! In high school, particularly mine, it was very small and when I came to RWU’s campus there were so so so many people here. Not only that, there was so many things to be able to get involved in, places to go to, events to attend and more. I feel that in high school it is very intimate and everyone knows everyone. But here at RWU, everyday that I am on campus I always see a fresh new face!

3.       THE FOOD! We all know what high school food can taste like… so thank goodness for college food hahahaha. RWU has probably the best food that I have ever had on a college campus. Some of my favorites on campus is the chicken sandwich from Starbucks, chicken nugget and mac & cheese day from Commons, the sandwich deli station in Lower Commons and there are lots more. If you have any food recommendations here at RWU (pleaseeeee let me know 😉)!

4.       THE WORKLOAD! In high school do you remember getting worksheets, study guides and the paper tests. Well in college everything changes…., in college the workload is something that all should be prepared for! Classes are more lecture based and most of the assignments will be due over the computer and not handed in. To add to that, there will be a lot more reading and writing than you imagined! It can get very intense sometimes, but you just have to remember three important things, use time management as best as you can, breathe and try to relax, and take breaks every once in a while, to not get burnt out! Make sure to work hard on your studies but also think about you and your mental health! 😊

5.       ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!  In high school, the schedule is very strict and one that is you do this, this, and this, and then go home; to just do everything all over again. College gives you all the free time in the world where you are able to construct how your life can be. Like I’ve already mentioned: class schedule, involvement, athletics, etc. But to add to that, be able to hang with friends, go to events, travel around Bristol and more. Some of my favorite things to do on campus & in Bristol is lay out on the GHH lawn, go to Colt State Park, explore the shops & food places in Downtown Bristol (one of my favorite places is Empire Tea & Coffee) and there are so many options. College is a time to not only get an education but also have fun & explore where you will be spending your next four years!

“I hope that this was very helpful for most of you and can’t wait to hear how your freshman year is going! Feel free to reach out whenever you want, even if it is to chat!” 😊

~ Ana Cloutier, Graduate Assistant

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Career Advisor