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Hey everyone!

                This week I have three tips for better time management and goal setting. Honestly, time management is the key to success in college. Being able to balance classes, homework, projects, clubs, organizations, events, and for some a job can be a challenge. But I do have a couple of recommendations that have worked for me in balancing things during my undergraduate and now graduate career.

                First, keep a calendar or planner of events! I like to have both a wall calendar that I can see what’s coming up and what is due but then I also like to bring a planner to class incase the professor adds something or changes things up.

                Second, make a daily list of things you want to accomplish! This includes homework, getting some laundry done, or maybe doing some self-care. If it is on the list and by the end of the day you can cross it off it makes those little breaks feel like they meant something and not procrastination from work.

                Third, once you know what you need to do and have your list of things to do, sit yourself down and get started! This may sound easy, but some of us like to find other things to occupy our time instead of getting the work that needs done. If you commit yourself to just 15 minutes of reading that textbook or set timer to start brainstorming for a paper that is due, you’ll not only feel accomplished but you will accomplish more. That being said, set that timer for work but also set a timer for breaks. 15 minutes for cleaning up or looking at TikToks, and when that goes off its back to work.

*If you are struggling or would like to touch up your own skills please consider these workshops!:

Workshop on OutliningA method of note taking that is highly organized and makes creating study guides simple!

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Workshop on Time Management, Study Skills, and Organization

Time: 1:00PM

When: Thursday, September 23rd

Where: Mary Tefft White (First Floor Library)

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Have a great week and keep up the good work!

Hannah Baldwin

Graduate Student

Graduate Assistant of CSAS

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Associate Director, Career Services