CSAS Graduate Assistant Chronicles: 5

“Hello, Class of 2025!

WOW, I can’t believe that it is the quarter mark of the semester! Right now, you all must be starting to get the feeling that classes are becoming harder, there is more work, clubs and organization meetings are more frequent and more drama with friends.

I would say that freshman year is one of the hardest just because of all the new experiences that you are having, missing things at home, the class and workload is getting harder and you might say to yourself right now in this moment: “Wow, it is getting real.”

However even though there are these tough challenges when it comes to college, remember what college offers you such as: new friends, opportunities, leadership, experience, new goals in life and more. College is one to make sure that you are one step closer to the ultimate career that you want but also is here to support you and give you that home away from home feeling. Some advice that I would give to all of you is:

1.       Always make sure that you are taking care of your mental & physical health

2.       Take all the opportunities that are presented in front of you because you might never know what it can bring you in the present and even the future

3.       Put yourself out there and make sure that people understand what makes up you. This is because meeting people can go such a long way and these are the people that will be by you side here at RWU.

4.       College is a huge journey within your lives so make sure that you never take it for granted but you are also making sure that it is one that you will never, ever forget

I hope that this chronicle was helpful for many of you and if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email me back! I love hearing and interacting with you all especially since I was an undergrad here and now I am a graduate! Hope you all have an amazing rest of you week and hope to hear from some of you back through this email!” 😊

~ Ana Cloutier, 2023

Graduate Student: Forensic & Legal Psychology

Graduate Assistant: Advising & Peer Mentorship

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Career Advisor