CSAS Graduate Assistant Chronicles: 7

“Hello Class of 2025! Hope that the semester is going well and I can’t believe that we are about to all hit the half way mark of the semester! Midterms are coming up or you might have already started them, which means that warning grades are coming out soon. With all of this stress and anxiety, you might be feeling quite overwhelmed. This week, I have ten quick tips on mindfulness, health, wellness, and resilience for what you might be going through in the next couple of days/weeks.

1.       Identify Negative Thought Patterns

2.       Pinpoint Sources of Stress

3.       Manage Your Physical & Mental Health

a.       Ex.) Deep breathing, eating correctly, getting enough sleep, and more

4.       Develop & Strengthen Positive Relationships

5.       Time Management

a.       Being able to make time for school, work, and for yourself!

b.       Make sure to plan one thing at a time (using an agenda)

6.       Set and Work Towards Your Goals

7.       Try Something New & Fun (Do Something Adventurous)

8.       Exercise

a.       Going to the gym, on a walk, on a hike, swimming, etc…

9.       Reward Yourself

10.   Be Confident!

I hope that you all can take these tips and apply them not only to these upcoming days/weeks but also throughout your entire college journey! Making sure to keep up with your mindfulness, health, wellness and resilience is super important especially in these stressful times that you might be facing while being in college!

The Graduate Assistanthave completed a set of Success Workshops focusing on some of these topics which will be posted on the Roger Williams University webpage. In the RWU webpage, there will be a CSAS (Center for Student Academic Success) tab which when clicked on, has a section regarding these Success Workshops. Feel free to use this source to be able to strengthen your skills and gain more knowledge on these topics. These workshops will be coming out very soon, so keep on the lookout for them!

Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments and concerns regarding anything during your college experience, email me back through here!” 😊

All the best,

Ana Cloutier, 2023

Graduate Student: Forensic & Legal Psychology

Graduate Assistant: Advising & Peer Mentorship

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Career Advisor