CSAS Graduate Assistant Chronicles: 9

Good evening Class of 2025! Hope that the month of October is going well for you all! Here is one thing that you can all be excited for is that Thanksgiving break is coming up in just a couple of weeks! This will be a time to have a nice relaxing break and be able to take some time for yourself to be able to spend it with family & friends!

One important event that I wanted to remind you all about is the Resiliency Workshop hosted by CSAS (Center for Student Academic Success) and the Peer Mentors tomorrow from 1 – 2 pm in the Mary Tefft White Center. Another event that is going on tomorrow that you should attend, is the Major Ambassador Session which is tomorrow in the GHH Atrium from 3 – 4 pm! The CSAS partners with the CCPD (Center for Career & Professional Development) to be able to host this event for all of you! Some important facts about the CCPD that you should know about is that they work with you regarding your potential career path and how to ultimately obtain those career goals! The CCPD does a lot of work regarding:

1.       Resumes

2.       Cover Letters

3.       LinkedIn

a.       For all these three listed above, the CCPD helps you build them to be the upmost success. The CCPD helps instruct you on what content should go into them, what the format should look like, what employers look at when it comes to your resume, how to send them over to the employers & lots more

4.       Internships

a.       The CCPD helps you regarding internships by making sure you know the proper steps on how to apply for one, how to get it for credit at RWU & what are the criteria, what databases to use (such as Handshake) to be able to find internships in the area & lots more

5.       Graduate Programs

a.       Right now, as a freshman, you are probably not thinking about this as much but the CCPD is a great resource when it comes to this topic. They are able to help guide you when it comes to how to apply, which programs might suit you better, what materials you will need to pursue this program & lots more

As an undergraduate, I worked at the CCPD for 4 years being a Career Peer Assistant! So, if at any time during your experience here at RWU you have questions regarding the topics that I mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to me at this email, and I can put you in the right direction!”



Ana Cloutier, 2023

Graduate Student: Forensic & Legal Psychology

Graduate Assistant: Advising & Peer Mentorship

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Career Advisor