Internship Spotlight: Kristen Dansereau & 98.5 The Sports Hub for the Felger & Mazz Show

During the 2022 Summer Intersession, rising senior Kristen Dansereau completed an internship with 98.5 The Sports Hub for the Felger & Mazz Show. Read on to learn about her experience!

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What was your internship? This Summer, I was a sports radio intern at 98.5 The Sports Hub for the Felger & Mazz show.

Why were you initially interested in this internship? I was initially interested in this internship because my career goal is to work in sports broadcasting as a sideline reporter. The Felger and Mazz show is one of the most popular radio shows in the business and working with everyone there was the best opportunity I have been given.

How did you find your internship? I initially found this internship from my brother-in-law who actually works at 98.5. He helped me get an interview for the internship!

What did you do as part of your internship? My main tasks during the internship was as a call screener and a writer for podcast headlines and descriptions. As call screener I would answer the phone for any listeners and write a description of what each caller wished to discuss on air with the hosts. The podcasts consisted of time codes and a one sentence description of the topics discussed by the hosts for each segment within the hour. The Felger & Mazz show ran for four hours a day during the week. I also had the opportunity to attend a New England Patriots training day camp as part of the media, where I shadowed Marc Cappello. It was their second padded practice and with all the work they are doing, especially with second year quarterback Mac Jones, the practice was very exciting to watch. I was able to hear Bill Belichick speak to us in the press conference before practice. I also helped record the interviews of Nelson Agholor and Mac Jones for the post-practice press conference. My sports journalist role model, Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, was there and she helped talk me through the process.

Has this internship helped you work towards your future career goals? If so, how? This internship was a huge stepping stone towards my career goals. I have met so many amazing people through this internship and it helped reassure me that this career is exactly what I want to do. I haven’t been previously exposed to the sports media world so I learned a lot about the field, especially what I need to focus on going forward as I prepare to graduate.

What was your biggest lesson/takeaway from the internship? My biggest takeaway from this internship was not only the experience in the sports media field, but also the reassurance that this is the work I absolutely will pursue in my future. I realized how much an internship was able to offer me by partaking in this experience. Having confidence in my career and all the hard work I have put in throughout college is priceless.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a similar internship opportunity? My advice would be to not be afraid to reach out to people and make connections. Networking, especially in this field, is so important! There will always be people who want to help you succeed.



By Kevin Deeb
Kevin Deeb Career Advisor