Hawks Hired! Alexis Riccardi ’23

Graduating Senior Alexis Riccardi will be joining Shawmut Design and Construction after completing her Bachelor of Science degree within Roger Williams University’s School of Engineering, Computing, and Construction Management. With a vast array of admirable experiences, Alexis has been able to accomplish shadowing experiences and internships and has taken advantage of several networking opportunities to make her an ideal embodiment of a Roger Williams scholar. It is no surprise that upon her Construction Management degree completion, she will be graduating Summa Cum Laude, expressing the true talent and skill that she brings to the field.

Early on in her collegiate experience, Alexis understood the importance of networking and the expansion of knowledge in the field. Alexis participated in a Winter Intersession, starting her journey at Shawmut Design and Construction, where she was able to shadow an alumnus. Alexis’ interests only grew further when conducting outreach to several Roger Williams seniors where she gained insight into various internships and companies within the field, solidifying her passion and growth of knowledge. Alexis is a quintessential display of RWU’s commitment to experiential learning— participating in several internships with various construction firms to deepen her learning and skillsets. Beginning first with Barletta Engineering and Heavy Division, Alexis participated as a Field Engineer where she was able to enhance her communication with Superintendents and Project Managers across job sites, organizing Request for Information (RFI) forms where she was able to enhance overall productivity. During her sophomore year, Alexis participated in a summer internship with Commodore Builders where she worked closely with professionals to produce objectives in procurement tracking and punch list items to increase efficiency on-site for the scope of work needed to be completed by subcontractors. Taking advantage of all opportunities, Alexis advanced to WKP Construction where she worked as an Assistant Project Management Intern, creating cost-plus contracts for clients while analyzing proposals from subcontractors. Alexis gained experience in contract agreements outlining the scope of work and agreed-upon costs for various projects within the firm.

Alexis’ impressive experiences drew her back to Shawmut Construction after continuous networking and mentoring by alumni and professionals within the company. She discovered her true talents would be utilized immensely within Shawmut’s Construction Management Skills Training Program, where she will have the opportunity to participate in a rigorous program gaining hands-on knowledge in project management, site supervision, and estimating. Shawmut’s partnership with Roger Williams University in addition to the active engagement of Shawmut President, COO, and RWU Trustee, Les Hiscoe, has allowed students several opportunities in networking, informational interviewing, and mentorship displaying an elevated persistence and commitment to RWU students. With intentional and consistent collaboration with faculty and staff, Shawmut has become an excellent resource for students to take the skills that they have achieved at Roger Williams and utilize their talents in the field.

Along her collegiate journey, Alexis held roles in Career Development as an Operations Support Specialist, a diligent member of the Women in Construction Club, and participated in numerous guest speaker lecture series where she attained not only field knowledge, but skillsets in communication, collaboration, listening, and leadership.

Exceptionally, we are proud to say Alexis will be graduating with a decorated array of knowledge and experiences, allowing her the tools and resources to advance and excel in the construction management industry. We look forward to supporting and celebrating Alexis’ accomplishments as she becomes an alumnus, ready to provide the same integrated support that she once received back in her early stages as a construction management professional.

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Director of Career Services