Hawks Hired! Lauren McAlister ’23

Hawks Hired highlights the accomplishments of soon to be RWU graduates as they finalize the next steps on their career journeys. Lauren will soon be employed at Massachusetts General Brigham as a  Radiology Technician Assistant. Read on to learn more about her next chapter following graduation.

What is your major at RWU? Major in Biology, double minor in Psychology and Public Health


Graduation year? May 2023


Where is your next adventure? Massachusetts General Brigham – Radiology Technician Assistant


What was the process like of landing this job/next opportunity? Lots of applying to positions- mostly through Handshake. I had a screening call with a recruiter from HR who asked what I was looking for, then they followed up with me about an opening and connected me with the individuals hiring for the position. I did a virtual interview and then provided letters of recommendation, then they offered me the position! Most places I had been applying to wanted to wait to follow up with me until April, closer to when I’d be available to fulfill the position.


Who helped you during your job search/graduate school process? The CCPD!!! Having conversations with various staff members about my aspirations, double checking my resume and cover letter before applying anywhere, figuring out whether or not I wanted to jump right into graduate school, and figuring out when/where to apply along with expanding my network and figuring out what I wanted to do with my career path with informational interviews. Along with the new pre-health advisor, Jon Albert was extremely helpful!


What advice do you have to students who are in the process of finding a job/going to graduate school? The CCPD is your best friend in this process. Even if you want to just talk your search through with someone, it can relieve a lot of stress. And don’t feel like this sets the rest of your life in stone, everyone’s career path changes. If you know you want to do something, work towards it! But don’t be afraid of trying new things or changing your direction.


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By Kevin Deeb
Kevin Deeb Career Advisor