Hawks Hired! Alyssa Foerster ’23

Hawks Hired highlights the accomplishments of soon to be RWU graduates as they finalize the next steps on their career journeys. Alyssa will soon be employed at Shawmut Construction & Design as a member of the Construction Management Skills Training Program. Read on to learn more about her next chapter following graduation.

What is your major/was your major at RWU?
My major was Construction Management and I had a double minor in Business and

Graduation year?
I will graduate in May of 2023.

Where is your next adventure? (Company/School and Role)
I will be moving to Boston, MA to work for Shawmut Construction and Design. I will be
a member of the Construction Management Skills Training (CMST) Program.

What was the process like of landing this job/next opportunity?
I applied to a couple of different companies in the construction industry. Initially, no one reached out to me. Eventually, I started to hear back and I was able to get offers from companies such as Shawmut Design and Construction, Whiting-Turner, and Hensel Phelps.

Who helped you during your job search/graduate school process?
My mom helped me quite a bit with my job search as well as professors. My professor for my Project Management and Safety course helped me as well. He was able to get my resume through the right people.

What advice do you have to students who are in the process of finding a job/going to graduate school?
It doesn’t hurt to apply to multiple places. At first you may not hear anything but eventually you will start getting offers left and right. Don’t give up on the job search even if it feels like it’s taking too long. Strengthen your resume as best as you can and keep track of your various awards and accomplishments.

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By Kevin Deeb
Kevin Deeb Career Advisor