Hawks Hired! Nicole Grief ’24

Hawks Hired highlights the accomplishments of soon to be and recent RWU graduates as they finalize the next steps in their career journeys. Nicole will be an architectural designer with Seabird Architects & Designers PLLC in Essex, CT! Read on to learn more about her next chapter following graduation.

What was your program of study at RWU? I am finishing up my degree in Bachelors of Science in Architecture with a double minor in sustainability studies and visual arts 2D

Graduation year? My graduation year is 2024

Where is your next adventure? (Company/School and Role)  My next adventure after I graduate is to be an architectural designer at Seabird Architects & Designers PLLC in Essex, CT where I am designing, constructing, and detailing residential beach homes in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

What are you most looking forward to in this new role? I am most looking forward to being able to experience the architecture world and apply what I have learned in the past four years into the career I am passionate about!

What was the process like of landing this job/next opportunity? I reached out to Seabird Architects & Designers last spring inquiring about a summer internship. After going through the interview process they offered me the internship position for the summer. After working for the firm over the summer, the principal architect offered me a job for after I graduate and I recently accepted the position!

Who helped you during your job search/graduate school process? I would not have the knowledge and confidence throughout this process if it weren’t for my advisor, Professor Robert Dermody. He assisted me in refining my portfolio and resume, helped create concise and professional responses and emails, and guided me in preparing for the interview process.

What advice do you have to students who are in the process of finding a job/going to graduate school? A piece of advice I have for students who are going through a similar process is to prepare! Make sure to review your resume and portfolio with multiple professors and peers. When going through the interview process do not be afraid to ask questions! If anything, it is encouraged! A great question to use if you are seeking an architectural career is to ask for comments or advice from firms about your portfolio work. It shows that you want to improve and are not afraid to be vulnerable.

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By Kevin Deeb
Kevin Deeb Career Advisor