How to Search for your Internship

The Internship Search

Internships are experiential learning opportunities that provide a means for students to apply academic knowledge, gain valuable experiences, make connections, learn more about career paths and assess industry or functional ‘fit.’   To secure an internship, you will need to conduct a search process.

The Search Process

As a way to frame your search process, you will want to accomplish three steps:

  1. Take stock: identify areas, job titles and/or organizations of interest. Meet with your Career Advisor if you are unsure where to start, or explore resources in the Career Community pages, on Handshake or through My Next Move.  Talk to faculty experts to gain additional perspective.

  2. Develop materials and employability skills: draft resumes and cover letters. Develop your online presence on Handshake, LinkedIn and The Roger Connection. Practice your interviewing skills with tools like Big Interview.

  3. Start the search: learn and employ multiple search strategies, including networking, applying to posted positions, and targeted research and/or outreach. Create a weekly schedule and set aside days/times to devote to the search process.  Remain active, track efforts and regularly review progress, and gain feedback and insight from others.

Use the checklist below to begin to track your progress and meet with a career advisor to gain some assistance:

Internship Search Strategies

The search strategies outlined below are common and useful strategies to implement during an internship search. Using multiple strategies will increase your chances of securing an interview.

  1. Posted Positions: Search and locate advertised openings and follow the instructions to apply for positions.

  2. Networking: Tap into the hidden job market by gaining industry-specific information and employment leads through personal, academic, professional, and social contacts.

  3. Targeted Outreach: Identify what type of organizations are of interest and contact (via mail, email, or in person) the organizations to share your interest and inquire about potential openings, regardless of an advertised position.

See an overview of the search strategies, common websites and tools in the resource below.

Need Help?

After looking through the resources above, do you  you need assistance?  Make an appointment with a career advisor to help you execute your search and determine next steps.


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