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Internship for "Credit"

Internships for Credit

The internship for credit program at Roger Williams University provides students pursuing a credit-bearing internship with a hands-on learning experience related to their area of academic study or field of interest.

Students can complete up to 15 experiential education credits (internships or study abroad internships) during their academic career at Roger Williams University. The number of credits awarded for an internship are based on the number of hours students work at their internship site over a semester.  Hour requirements depend on whether the program of study follows the traditional or the practicum model.

Internships for credit that follow the Practicum model include Public Health, Psychology, Legal Studies, Cybersecurity, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

* Please note students cannot double count hours for two different majors/internships*

Credits Awarded Per Hour (Traditional Internships)

1 Credit – 45 hours
2 Credits – 90 hours
3 Credits – 135 hours
4 Credits – 180 hours
5 Credits – 225 hours
6 Credits – 270 hours

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can a relative serve as a site supervisor for my internship for credit?

    An individual related to the intern cannot serve as a site supervisor.

  • Can I intern at my family business?

    As long as your site supervisor is not related to you.

  • Can I complete an internship in a private home?

    Interns cannot complete their internships in a private home. However, interns can work for a home-based business if they work remotely or meet with their site supervisor in a public place such as a library.

  • How many credits can I earn within the Fall or Spring semester?

    Student can earn up to 9 experiential learning credits during the Fall or Spring semester. (It is recommended that students check with their academic advisors to ensure that an internship fits into their overall academic plan.)

  • How many experiential learning credits can I earn during my undergraduate years at RWU?

    Students can earn up to 15 credits through experiential learning.

  • Who can serve as my faculty sponsor?

    Any full-time faculty member within your major or field of study can be asked to serve as your faculty sponsor. Practicum professors automatically serve as the faculty sponsor for their students’ internships.

  • Who determines if my proposed internship is academically worthy for my major or minor?

    Your faculty sponsor will determine if your internship can serve as your required or elective internship.

  • How do I determine if my internship can be Letter Graded or receive a Pass/No Pass grade?

    Grading format is determined by major and/or a discussion with your faculty sponsor.

  • When should my hours for my internship be completed?

    At least 80% of your required internship hours should be completed during the semester in which you are registered.

  • Can I retroactively register an internship?

    Students cannot count past internships for academic credit

Prepare for your internship ahead of time! Consider the deadline to register an internship for credit and complete the prerequisite course to register your internship at least one semester before registering.



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