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WTNG 230: Rhetoric of Film

Instructor: Dr. Christian Pulver
Credits: 3

T/F 2:15-3:35; 3:50-5:10
In-person Required

In this course, students will write about film as a rhetorical act designed to engage and persuade an audience. By analyzing the relationship between purpose, audience, genre, and social context, students will explore how film and moving images function as powerful rhetorical tools in modern public discourse. Students will produce polished, quality texts typical of writing about and critiquing film such as the screening report, movie review, and critical essay.

Students in the course will engage in complex subject matter; apply relevant rhetorical concepts to film analysis and critique; employ a variety of genres typical to the discourse of film criticism; and develop more sophisticated writing techniques and revision strategies through thoughtful, reflective practice and class discussion.

Prerequisite: successful completion (C- or higher) of WTNG 102. Fulfills the second of two University Core Curriculum requirements in the University Writing Program. Fulfills a course requirement in the Professional and Public Writing Core Concentration and Minor.