How to Register your Internship

Internship Registration Process

Traditional Internship Registration Process: Students who do not require the practicum model as a part of their internship requirement will follow these specific steps in order to register their internship for credit. Please click HERE for detail.

Learning Objectives: As a part of your Handshake registration process, you must provide learning objectives to accomplish during the duration of your internship.

What is a learning objective?

Learning objectives are clear, concise, narrow statements indicating particular knowledge or skill the student is
expected to achieve. A well-constructed learning objective includes an explanation of how the objective will be
accomplished (in what specific activities will the student engage in order to master the objective), and a means by
which mastery of the knowledge or skill taught is measured.

Students must complete four out of the six learning objectives within the Internship Registration Form in


Learning Objective 1: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Learning Objective 2: Oral/Written Communications

Learning Objective 3: Teamwork/Collaboration

Learning Objective 4: Technology Skills

Learning Objective 5: Leadership Skills

Learning Objective 6: Professionalism/Work Ethic

        • Example Learning Objective

          Learning Objective: Oral/Written Communications
          Learning Goal: To become familiar with the tasks performed in a public relations department in a non-profit agency.
          Means of Accomplishment: Successfully write a publishable press release. If writing a press release is not already
          assigned to me, I will request the opportunity to write one. Research and seek advice on how to write press releases
          from co-workers and faculty. Write the press release. Have my supervisor review and edit draft until it is in
          publishable form.
          Means of Measurement: Employer publishes/uses press release or indicates that it could be used.

Helpful Tips

  • *Please ensure you designate Handshake as an approved sender (to avoid future emails going into the clutter or spam folders)*

  • This process must be completed by the semester’s add/drop deadlines in order for you to receive credit for your internship.

  • *This process is different for justice studies, psychology, and public health students since they have a practicum component. Click [HERE] for more information*

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