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Are you exploring various degree plans and interests? Congratulations, let us help you in the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I behind if I begin my college journey undeclared
    Not at all. The Undeclared student cohort is the largest population of our entering 21/FA firstyear students. On average nationally, 75% of students charge their major during their college years. Many students are unsure of their career path and for those students, being undeclared is the right choice so they have an opportunity to explore.
  • How do I change my major?
    Students are free to change their major whenever they want. We strongly encourage students to consult with their Faculty Academic Advisor before making a decision. Students are also welcome to speak to a professional advisor in CSAS’s Advising Office should they require further consultation. Students should be aware that some programs have requirements that need to be met before they are approved to change their major.
  • I have no idea what I want to major in… where do I start?
    As an Undeclared student, you are assigned to a faculty advisor who specializes in working with exploratory students, in addition to meeting with a Professional Advisor in the Advising & Peer mentorship office out of the Center for Student Academic Success. Set up an appointment with an advisor to help begin the exploratory conversation about your interests, goals, and passions!
  • RWU has many majors I like, but I would really like to customize a major… how do I do this?
    Students who are interested in creating their own major should speak to a Faculty Academic Advisor and a professional advisor in the Advising Office who can guide them through the process. .
  • What if I wish to change my career after I graduate from RWU?
    Most people change their career paths several times throughout their lives and students should feel confident that the combination of their experiences at RWU will prepare them well for those changes in their career path.

Stay on Track

Not sure where to start? Navigate the Undeclared Check List to explore action steps in declaring a major and aligning your interests!

Get Involved 

Becoming a member of an RWU club or organization is a great way to extend your network and connect with peers. Discover clubs and organizations on campus focused on a variety of disciplines that align with academic or career interests. Visit Hawk Link to uncover available options for you!