Hawks Hired! Amanda Rosadio ’21

“There is nothing more authentic than learning from experience.” – Amanda Rosadio ’21

Amanda Rosadio will be graduating this May from Roger Williams University with a Bachelor of Arts in educational studies and a double minor in psychology and Spanish. Amanda’s colorful array of experiences, interests, and dedication to the field of education has allowed her to travel and get exposure to an industry she loves.

Upon graduation, Amanda will be working at a public school in Madrid, Spain, with children ages 6-11 as an English Language and Culture Assistant. Amanda fell in love with traveling during the winter break of her junior year. Amanda ventured to Spain and Morocco and felt a deep connection with the culture in Spain. Upon discovering the opportunity to teach abroad through a friend, Amanda applied through CIEE, a nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization.

This role is a part of a nationwide initiative throughout many school districts in Spain, and she will bring her unique assets to the classroom to assist small groups of students in comprehending the complexities of the English language to develop listening and conversational skills. Amanda hopes to expose students to new cultures, including her own, to allow for a dynamic and engaging experience. Amanda will also take the lead on instructing members of school staff on learning the English Language.

Amanda mentions, “There is nothing more authentic than learning from experience [and] while I still am not 100% sure what I want to do in the future, the Education department has inspired me to pursue many different opportunities in the field and learn from them, between jobs, internships, and even class assignments or activities.” She is excited to take this adventure on to explore new challenges and environments that allow her to step out of her comfort zone, navigate new cultures, and learn from a new language. She leaves RWU confident that she will be successful in navigating her new venture and take with her the knowledge and support she received at RWU through the education department to impact the lives of children.

We are confident Amanda will make RWU proud and cannot wait to see all the amazing things she will accomplish as an English Language and Culture Assistant in Spain!

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Career Advisor