Our Work

Our Mission
The Center for Career and Professional Development helps students and alumni thrive in work and in life by providing lifelong career education assistance, resources, and connections, powered by a strong network of alumni, employers, faculty, parents, and staff.

Our Vision
Every Roger Williams graduate receives quality career education and opportunities that serve as the foundation for a meaningful career trajectory and as an integral component in their transformative experience at the university.

Our Work
The Center for Career and Professional Development recognizes that ‘career’ is more than your first job after graduation, but a lifelong adventure where you’ll grapple with a changing world, a growing self and an unpredictable future. In the CCPD, we aim to provide you with the skills, tools and resources you need to be confident on the journey– so ride the W.A.V.E with us – the four domains below will help you find your bearings and navigate the path from college to the world of work.

  • TO WONDER – About the self and the world of work

    Self-knowledge: Identifying who I am as a person and a professional – what are my strengths, skills, interests and values and how do I articulate those to others.
    Occupational Exploration: Identifying, researching, and exploring a variety of career fields and opportunities. Understanding what career pathways exist and opportunities to explore options. Demonstrating and using career planning tools, resources and strategies.

  • TO ACT – In the direction of your curiosity

    Professional Brand: Creating strong employment documentation and a professional online brand, including a resume and cover letter, along with LinkedIn, Handshake and Roger Connection profiles. Writing and tailoring employment documents to opportunities.
    Networking: Demonstrating curiosity and developing relationships with others around shared interests. Building, sustaining and maintain a professional network.
    Job Seeking & Interviewing: Ability to communicate concisely about academic talents and personal achievements, strengths, values, and transferable skills that align with career choices. Developing internship/job seeking skills such as the ability to find and pursue leads through multiple platforms, employ strategy, and manage a search process.

  • TO VENTURE – Out in the world of work

    Gain Experience & Enhance Skills: Bridge the skills gained through their degree/athletics/student leadership into career experiences including: leadership, research, community service, externships, internships, and other co-curricular involvement. Evaluating career-related experiences to understand work settings, culture and environmental fit, and roles. Managing career paths and making informed choices from a variety of options.

  • TO ENGAGE – In the local and global community

    Cultural Awareness: Preparing to navigate culturally diverse environments and awareness of issues in the workplace for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ colleagues. Advocate for inclusion, equitable practices, and justice. Recognizing the impact of decisions, factors and circumstances on lifestyle and experiences.
    Community Leadership: Demonstrating the habits of mind necessary to become reflective, responsible individuals who interact with society in mutually rewarding ways. Remaining nimble in navigating complex challenges and life decisions and striving to strengthen the global and local community through leadership and meaningful engagement.

Thinking about where to start in your professional development? Utilize the following suggestions as a starting point for your academic year and gain confidence in the direction you are headed!


    First-Year Checklist

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    Second Year Checklist

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    Third & Fourth Year Checklist

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Center for Career and Professional Development at Roger Williams University is committed to advancing RWU’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plans and Initiatives. We have identified the following core commitments that demonstrate our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion as practitioners and members of the campus community.

We are committed to…

  • Creating a welcoming space for all students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community partners that is free from bias and discrimination.

  • Supporting students in their career exploration and development while recognizing and celebrating their unique and intersecting identities.

  • Building students’ intercultural understanding, so they may have a positive impact on their local and global community.

  • Cultivating identity and affinity communities to best support students’ unique career experiences and challenges.

  • Developing programs and resources that specifically serve and include historically minoritized student populations.

  • Listening, continuing our own learning, and advocating for the success of all members of the Roger Williams Community.

The CCPD supports students and alumni as they navigate their career and professional development – we offer one-on-one advising, resume and cover letter reviews, workshops, networking opportunities, career fairs, and more. Through our services, we are committed to serving and supporting students and alumni of all identities – in collaboration with our RWU community partners, we have designed the Identity/Affinity Communities to support, celebrate, and recognize students’ unique diversity and have curated spaces with helpful tools, resources, and staff.

You may identify with multiple communities, so we encourage you to explore the groups to find information that might be useful to you. The resources featured in these communities are not exhaustive, so feel free to contact us with any additional questions, resources, or information you think might be useful.

Visit our Identity/Affinity Communities here:



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