Hawks Hired! Mollie Feldman ’23

Mollie Feldman, A 2023 alumnus from Bristol, Rhode Island is an excellent example of academic excellence and professionalism as a student within the AACSB Accredited Gabelli School of Business at Roger Williams University. Mollie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a Minor in Spanish in December of 2023. Mollie took part in professional opportunities and has shown exceptional skill and dedication to her advancement in academics. Mollie has taken advantage of the full Roger Williams experience at Roger Williams through her role as a Varsity Women’s Soccer Captain. Mollie’s experiential learning experiences through academics, extra-curriculars, and internships have prepared her to succeed in a professional environment.

In 2021, Mollie explored the field of marketing, sales, and operations through her role as a Providence Bruins as a Game Day Sales and Events Coordinator. As a Game Day Sales and Event Coordinator, Mollie assisted the Marketing and Sales department improve game day operations through ticket sales and community outreach efforts. Mollie successfully gained essential communication and time-management skills by facilitating fan engagement sections, overseeing scheduled event operations, and communicating with game-day vendors.

Mollie continued to explore her passion for marketing and operations through her role as a Digital Marketing Intern at Parsons Kellogg. As a Digital Marketing Intern, Mollie explored her passion for creating digital marketing assets in publications, catalogs, and websites. Mollie successfully created marketing assets while following a comprehensive brand guide, in coordination with the brand likeness and image. As a result, Mollie saw great success with digital marketing assets improving engagement and promoting Parson Kellogg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels. Throughout her professional opportunities, Mollie has shown passion in career exploration while also successfully showing commitment, leadership, and professionalism.

Upon Graduation, Mollie will be pursuing a full-time role as a Benefits Specialist at Corporate Synergies, a Foundation Risk Partners Company, one of the fastest-growing insurance and brokerage consulting firms in the United States. Thanks to the support and outreach from alum Christian Yantorno, GBA, GBDS, Vice President of Account Management at Corporate Synergies, Mollie will continue to strengthen her skillsets in account management, marketing strategies, and sales. Mollie will continue to exercise her marketing skills and accredited Gabelli School of Business education by supporting the Client Management team with preparation of data analysis, presentation delivery, and tracking client receipts and deliverables.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for Mollie as a Benefits Specialist at Foundation Risk Partners, and we look forward to connecting with yet another accomplished Gabelli School of Business alumnus.

By Mary Santoro
Mary Santoro Director of Career Services