Internship Spotlight: Kristen Hearrold ‘ 24 & IGT

Senior, Kristen Hearrold (Graphic Design major) completed a Graphic Design internship during the Summer 2023 semester with IGT. Read on to learn about her experience!

What was your internship? Graphic Design intern for IGT (International Gaming Technology)

Why were you initially interested in this internship? I was interested as to the collaboration feature of the internship. Being on the creative service team working closely with the Marketing and Gaming team to create graphic for various mediums.

How did you find your internship? I found my internship through Handshake.

What did you do as part of your internship? A few projects I’ve worked on during the course of my internship have been graphics for PGRI magazine, various social media posts, web graphics, and an ongoing project for their global holiday card.

Has this internship helped you work towards your future career goals? If so, how? Yes, this internship has aided me in obtaining many goals. For instance, soft skills, presentation skills, design skills using various different softwares I’ve never used before, and lastly collaboration and organizational skills.

What was your biggest lesson/takeaway from the internship? My biggest takeaway from my internship would be teamwork and time management. By working on multiple projects at a time, having deadlines and being able to get the final deliverables in on time was stressful but helpful. As well as working with other designers and marketers towards the same goal but using everyone’s strengths to our advantage to produce the best quality.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a similar internship opportunity? Make sure you’re prepared!! Don’t underestimate the tasks that you’ll receive and if you’re not getting enough work don’t be afraid to ask for more or more difficult projects. I would also say to always always always say your ideas in meetings. It might be scary at first but, they’re likely looking for your input coming from a fresh mind!

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By Kevin Deeb
Kevin Deeb Career Advisor