First Gen Internship Spotlight: Jenifer Gomez ’25

First-Gen Internship Spotlights offer insights into the experiences of students at RWU as they navigate their unique industries and strive to achieve meaningful employment opportunities in their undergraduate experiences. Check out this First-Gen Internship Spotlight from Jenifer Gomez as she provides insights into her internship experience!

Question 1 – What is your name?

Jenifer Gomez

Question 2 – What is your major?

Construction Management and Spanish

Question 3 – What is your internship title and employer name?

Construction Operation Intern at Shawmut Design and Construction

Question 4 – Why were you initially interested in this internship?

I believe it was so important to know what my future job entail but also experience it. I wanted to be able to immerse myself in the construction industry as I had no previous experience and learn about the different aspects of it to be able to apply these to my classes later in my time here at RWU.

Question 5 – How did you find your internship?

I was lucky enough to work with the CCPD and Shawmut itself as I am part of their scholarship program.

Question 6 – What did you do in this internship? Provide examples of tasks, projects, etc. and feel free to brag about any accomplishments you are particularly proud of!

Some of the things I was able to learn throughout my time at Shawmut was to read through specifications with the Assistant Project Manager, mark-up drawings, preform daily task and submit to construction platform “Procore”, take meeting minutes and attend OAC Meetings, assist PM,APM and Super intended with other various tasks. During this internship I was also able to get hands on experience in the field and work with subcontractors and learn about their jobs as well.

Question 7 – Has this internship helped you work toward your future career goals? If so, how?

They were able to help me understand things that I was not experience in. I was able to work with an amazing team that was able to show me step by step what was going on with the project. I believe they prepared me and also guide me to be a better leader for this industry as well as how to be ready for the unforeseen that any project may bring, i was able to learn different skills that I will be able to apply later on in my career, as well as being able to reinforce some other skills.

Question 8 – What was your biggest lesson learned or takeaway from the internship? (Specifically, from a 1st Gen lens)

One of my biggest lessons learned a a first gen student is that is okay not to know certain things when it comes to a specific career field especially construction management because my experiences before RWU or this career were different than most people in this field of study, there will be people that are willing to help you out and work with you regardless of you having knowledge of the industry. Something else that I learned as well was that being a minority is not something to be scared of but proud of, and that the experiences and struggles of a POC and first gen and in my case a woman in an industry like this will not make you any less if anything will make you bring a change to the stereotype and culture we often can experience in a career like this.

Question 9 – How has your organization supported you as a 1st Gen student, would you encourage other 1st Gen students to apply and do a similar role as you?


Question 10 – What advice would you give to someone interested in a similar internship opportunity?

I believe that my best advice would be to work efficiently with a team, be open to change and errors because you will do them, the people that are in the industry and have been there for many years are willing to help you, ask all the question and take their advices, be organized, keep a good attitude always and be willing to learn all the aspects of this industry.

By Callie Flanagan
Callie Flanagan Career Advisor