Roger Williams Internship and Career Fairs

Each semester Roger Williams University partners with employers ranging from a diverse array of industries looking to recruit RWU students for job opportunities and internships. The CCPD manages school-specific and all major internship and career fairs to offer students and employers the unique opportunity to connect and engage to pursue the best partnerships.

Virtual Internship & Career Fairs

What is a virtual internship & career fair? Living in a virtual environment can be difficult to make interpersonal seamless connections with students and employers. The CCPD works to mitigate this problem by offering a completely virtual fair for employers to market their businesses and available positions, while also having the opportunity to conduct introductory interviews with students, all online.

For more information click the RWU All Majors Internship & Career Fair Event below.

If you have any other questions regarding student engagement at RWU, please contact Sierra Zschirnt.