Grow Your Network – Race & Ethnicity

Networking is the most effective job search tool a student has. Making connections with RWU alumni and industry professionals are a great way to grow professionally and potentially identify new job and/or internship opportunities. 

RWU/CCPD Resources:

  • The Roger Connection: The Roger Connection is home to RWU’s strong alumni network. Through the Roger Connection you can connect with industry professionals looking to network, provide mentorship, and offer opportunities to fellow Hawks!
  • Networking Guide: This guide from the CCPD outlines what Networking means, strategies for networking, and more.
  • Sample Informational Interview Requests: Here you can find some examples of ways to request an informational interview with someone.
  • Alumni of Color NetworkConnect with RWU Alumni who are part of the Alumni of Color Network.
  • LinkedIn Profile and Tips: Check out this guide to learn more about LinkedIn and get tips for building your profile.

Identity-Based Professional Associations/Societies: Professional associations and societies are a great resource to learn from others, build your network and make new relationships, and engage in professional development opportunities.